Give a good present: suggestions for walkers who like to read

Wanderlust: a history of walking by Rebecca Solnit
A very detailed and readable account of how walking as a leisure pastime has developed over centuries. This well-researched book by an American writer, walker and environmentalist cites examples relating to urban, rural and wild landscapes.

The Walker’s Friend: a miscellany of wit and Wisdom by Jude Palmer
The perfect dip-in book with quotes, anecdotes, articles and astonishing facts about all aspects of walking – including a joke about two packets of crisps out for a stroll …. (think about it)

The Old Ways: a Journey on Foot by Robert Macfarlane
Using the themes of geological features, Macfarlane takes a wide-ranging look at well-known paths like the Ridgeway and more obscure routes in other parts of the world. A very individual and thought-provoking perspective.

Pathways by David Stewart and Nicholas Rudd-Jones
An exploration of old British routes, their uses over centuries and the people to be met along the way. David Stewart runs WalkingWorld ( which gives members online access to thousands of walks.

The Lost Art of Walking by Geoff Nicholson
The tongue-in-cheek sub-title of this book is The History, Science, Philosophy, Literature, Theory and Practice of Pedestrianism – a fair indication of Nicholson’s eclectic choice of topics, with an emphasis on city walking. His main interest is the people perspective.

Special Interest

The War Walk: a journey along the Western Front
Nigel Jones’ guide to the battlefields of WW1 is a practical and evocative account of a personal pilgrimage.

Walk into Prehistory
Bill Bevan looks at 40 ancient sites in
Britain and Ireland, considering their settings and how they were meant to be viewed from the approach on foot to ritual functions.

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