Locmaria-Berrien Walk


About 5kms southeast of Huelgoat

9kms / 2.5hours

Two river valleys, woodland walking, some long climbs.

Park by the church in Locmaria-Berrien


From the parking, cross the road and take lane to L of church. At top of the hill, go R for 50m on a track and then bear R at the road. Follow this for over a kilometre down to the main road.

At the bottom, cross to the R and then go L immediately towards a former station building.

In front of this, turn L and follow the old railway track for nearly 2kms, crossing a bridge where the Aulne meets the Argent.

Turn L about 300m before the station house visible ahead. This path climbs steadily. At the top go ahead along the road for over 400m, ignoring the first junction, and then go L at the bottom of a descent and then immediately sharp L again down a wooded footpath.

At the bottom, go ahead on the road. At the main road, go L over the bridge and after about 130m, turn sharp R along a track through woods above the river Argent. Go L at a fork soon after and keep straight ahead at the next fork. Stay on this track, which bends L after 1.5kms, (passing a fontaine on the left).

At a junction of paths, go L. (For a short detour to the old mine site, go R here by the sign Roule Hydrolique.) Carry on uphill on this path, ignoring others off. Towards the top of the hill, turn L on smaller path (red and white marking).

At a road, go straight over and ahead on a track. Where the path forks, go R. At the next fork bear R and again at the road. Then L 100m later. This road goes all the way back to the church at Locmaria.


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