Where to Walk: in Morbihan

If you are on holiday in Mobihan, the following selection will provide you with varied walks in the area.

1) Le Faouët

 From the attractive market town of Le Faouët, follow the 12km Circuit des Chapelles, including the exceptional setting of Chapelle Ste-Barbe and that of Saint Fiacre.

2) Ploermël

For a historic town walk, Ploermël is a good choice. The Tourist Office has details of a 7km route, and there is also a shorter hydrangea trail (over 250 varieties) by the lake.

3) Gulf of Morbihan

For good views of the Gulf of Morbihan, walk from Arradon past the Chapelle Ste-Barbe to the Tour Vincent and then continue west around the Pointe d’Arradon and to the Moulin de Paluden before returning to the town.

4) Valley of the Oust

A 6km circuit in the valley of the Oust begins from the parking area on the D14 north of Peillac. This is an easy walk along the Nantes/Brest canal and through woodland and marshes.

5) Valley of the river Sedon

Guéhenno (SW of Josselin), with its famous calvaire, is the starting point for the Circuit des Moulins, a pleasant 2 hour walk around the valley of the river Sedon.

6) Forêt de Quénecan

For forest walking it would be hard to beat the Forêt de Quénecan, south of Lac de Guerlédan. Many trails are available here, and interest includes the chapel of Ste-Tréphine and its associations with the legend of Conomor, the Breton Bluebeard.

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