Where to Walk: in Western Côtes d'Armor

If you are on holiday or touring in western Côtes d’Armor (west of St-Brieuc), the following selection will provide you with varied walks in the area.

1) Pink Granite coast, Sentier des Douaniers

The most spectacular stretch of this extraordinary coastline runs from Perros Guirec to Ploumanac’h. It works well as a linear walk of about 7 kilometres out and back, but you can also cut across the promontory from Ploumanac’h harbour to do a circuit. Rock formations of remarkable shapes and imaginative names litter this route. There are also good places for swimming when the tide is in. Very busy in season and holidays.

2) Valley of the Traouiero

Not far from the walk above lies the Valley of the Traouiero (Valley of the Valley!), which is actually two valleys, with an impressive granite chaos, caves and lush (sometimes rare) vegetation. Allow a couple of hours – routes are marked.

3) The Trieux valley

The Trieux valley is a good choice for a quieter walk, even in season. The woodlands on the slopes above the river provide shady paths and a good view of the 15th century Château Roche-Jagu, which is open for visits. Judy Smith’s Walking Brittany has a 12km, 4 hour walk here, with many interesting sights along the way.

4) Castle of Tonquédec

From the ruined castle of Tonquédec (10kms SE of Lannion), there is a 10km circuit, with optional linear extension to the Château de Kergrist from an old mill on the River Léguer. The route returns via the GR footpath along the river valley.

5) Kerpert

From Kerpert, the 11km Circuit des Fontaines follows an undulating landscape typical of the central Breton Argoat: hills and valleys, woods and streams, as well as architectural interest in the church, fontaine and calvaire on the route. Should be peaceful even in high season.

6) The Gorges de Corong

The Gorges de Corong, about 16kms east of Carhaix, provide another usually quiet spot for walking in fine scenery. From the Menhir de Quélénec (off D20) it is possible to follow a marked 5km route. The Maison de Patrimoine at Locarn has a French leaflet on the wildlife and natural features.

(Further walks can be found in ‘Walks in Côtes d’Armor’ - see books)

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